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    What do you charge?
    One line greetings are $95-125 depending on delivery area. Two line Greetings are $125-150 depending on delivery area. Same Day RUSH fee $30* Extended Day Rental $55* Flamingo Flocking $15 -$50* Twins $15* *additional to standard greeting price
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    How long do I get to keep the sign and when are they put up?
    They are a 24 hour rental roughly. We deliver after dark and return the following day after dark to pick up. We cannot guarantee times based on our other pick ups and deliveries. Rentals are roughly 24 hours. Graduation signs are installed earlier and picked up earlier do to overwhelming demand.
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    What area do you service?
    We serve the following zip codes: 77406*, 77407*, 77441, 77423, 77450, 77491, 77492, 77493, 77494. We service most of Katy, Fulshear and parts of Richmond. If we do not service your area will refer you to the nearest affiliate.
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    Do stars and balloons come with every greeting? My yard is small will a sign fit?
    Yes, stars and balloons come with every greeting. Graduation greetings we do not put out balloons unless requested. You also get to choose two specialty signs. Please see our Options page. If yards are small we may have to abbreviate for example CONGRATULATIONS to CONGRATS or HAPPY BIRTHDAY to HAPPY B-DAY or HBD.
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    Am I limited to just 25 characters?
    Typical greetings like HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY CATHERINE! or HAPPY RETIREMENT GEORGE MICHAEL! these greetings may be slightly over the character limit of 25 but would still be at the single greeting price. We cannot make guarantees on any colors or signs until payment is made.
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    How far in advance should I order?
    The earlier you book and pay the better. You will likely have full options to choose what you like. We can book quickly especially for events like graduation. Graduation, for example, would be one you would want to try and book months in advance. As for regular birthday or yard greetings, a week to two week notice is ample in most cases.
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    What if the weather is bad? Will my sign still be delivered?
    We can not make deliveries during severe, hazardous weather conditions (i.e. lightning storm, high winds, heavy rain, hurricane warning, flooding). We will work with you to reschedule your delivery.
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    I emailed and have not heard back?
    Please text or call us at 713-898-4358. Sometimes technical issues can happen or human error, this is surely not our intent, do please try us again if you have not heard back within 24 hours.
If you have more questions please contact us
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